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About the Center

Export Support Center of the Sakhalin Region was established in the 1st of July, 2019 as a structural subdivision of the Microcredit Company “Sakhalin Entrepreneurship Development Fund”. Activities of the Export Support Center are coordinated by the Russian Export Center JSC and Ministry of Economic Development of the Sakhalin Region.

Our Goals

Stimulation and involvement of small and medium-sized enterprises in export activities
Facilitating the entry of small and medium-sized enterprises into foreign markets of goods, services and technologies
Assistance in increasing the competitiveness and efficiency of export-oriented small and medium-sized enterprises

Center staff

Dina Romanova

Head of the Center

8 (4242) 671-901

Maria Yarovenko

Deputy Head of the Center

8 (4242) 671-906

Evgeny Stepin

Lead Specialist/Lawyer

8 (4242) 671-904

Elena Budaeva

Senior Specialist/Analyst

8 (4242) 671-902

Betsenko Olga Anatolievna

Lead Specialist/Accountant

8 (4242) 671-905