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Sakhalin travel companies took part in the Guangzhou International Travel Fair 2023 (GITF)

A large-scale tourist industry exhibition has finished in Guangzhou, China. With the support of the regional Government 11 Sakhalin tour operators presented picturesque tourist destinations of the region at the fair.

“We had an honor to represent not only our region, but the whole country, as we were the only participants from Russia. The exhibition was intense and fruitful, we could see a great interest in the Sakhalin region from both Chinese travel companies and ordinary citizens. We hope that the preliminary agreements reached during the fair will leadto long-term cooperation and contracts,” – said Maria Yarovenko, Deputy Head of the regional Export Support Center.

This is the first international exhibition in non-CIS countries after the pandemicwhere Sakhalin companies took part. The scale of the event in Guangzhou amounted to 22,000 square meters, and exhibitors represented 55 states and regions. On the very first daythe Sakhalin region booth won the award of “the most distinctive tourist destination.”

“We have found potential business partners. We talked to many companies who organize group visits of Chinese tourists to Russia. We exchanged contacts and plan to continue interaction after returning back home,” – said the head of the Omega-Plus, LLC inbound tourism department Elena Semyonova.
“At the fair we created several new tours with Chinese companies. For example, visiting both the Kamchatka peninsula and the Sakhalin island. Our interpreters helped us a lot. Also, we have already set dates for group arrivals for tourists who were interested in our products. We try to keep prices affordable for them. We get around the problems with logistics by making a route via Moscow with a stop for three or four days. So the tour itself turns out to be more intense,” – said Ekaterina Gales, General Director of Friends&Hikers, LLC.
“We learned a lot of new information. In my opinion, we managed to make the Chinese side interested with the uniqueness of our islands and the variety of excursion offers: both sea and land”, – said the founder of the Nevelsk Tourist Company, LLC, Elizaveta Doroshenko.

The regional Export Support Center helped the companies to take part in the Guangzhou International Travel Fair (GITF). The Center supported companies by providing exhibition costs andthe organization work. Construction works for the booth, exhibition space rent, registration fees for participants and the services of translators were included. A lot of work to attract travel agencies to the Guangzhou travel fair was carried out by the Sakhalin Tourist Information Center.

“All tour operators worked fruitfully for three days and found contacts of Chinese tour operators who are ready to send their tourists to Sakhalin and the Kuriles this year. Sakhalin hotels, which also participated in the exhibition, did not stand aside. Their feedback is also extremely positive,” – said Ivan Saraev, head of the department of the Sakhalin Tourist Information Center.

Assistance in entering foreign markets is provided to regional companies in 20 areas thanks to the national project “International Cooperation and Export”. More details on the website or by phone 8 800 222 0123